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September 30 Ride for Shan Refugees

Ride for Shan Refugees

Ride for Shan Refugees being held September 30, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Registration deadline is September 22. Fee is $50 for adults and/or $75 for families.

30 Mile Ride: Underwood Community Park to and through Glendalough State Park and back to Underwood. Support vehicle will be provided.

All riders are required to register and must wear helmets. Riders 12 - 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Under 12 must be attached to adults' bike. Bring your own water bottles.

There will be a mandatory bike safety clinic prior to the ride. Riders are welcome to get pledges for miles ridden to raise funds for the schools for the children of the Shan families.

For more information about the ride -

For registration and waiver forms -

Spnsored by Unitarian Church of Underwood

Schools for Shan Refugees is a 501(c)3 charitable organization established to help Shan refugees in Thailand get an education. For several years the founder, Bernice Johnson of New York Mills, taught English to Shan refugees from Burma, who had escaped to Thailand. She became knowledgeable about and sympathetic with their need and desire for education.

The goal of Schools for Shan Refugees is to help Shan refugee children who live in migrant camps get a basic education, while helping their teachers, young Shan adults, earn regular wages.

Schools for Shan support approximately on hundred Shan children who have fled from Burma to Thailand. Some of the children are in a migrant camp school that they support; students from other migrant workers' camps receive scholarships to attend Thai schools. They spend several months each year in Thailand, observing the schools and the methods being used and trying to find new and better ways to help refugee children.

Despite attending classes taught in foreign language and despite their poorly paid parents' struggle to pay their share of school expenses, all the children in their tuition program have passed their yearly exams.

When Shan families can no longer survive in Burma, when their homes and lands have been confiscated, or when they cannot earn a living because the economy is in shambles, they flee to Thailand. In Thailand, they do not have official refugee status and are not the recipients of international aid, but are considered migrants and work at the worst jobs the country has to offer. They receive subsistence wages, seldom enough to allow them to feed their families and send their children to school. Without an education, the children are at great risk of being lured into the sex and drug trades in Thailand.

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